Full Time 2007 Paramedic Refresher

Masonic Hall

Central Street, Hingham 


Day I October 2 TUESDAY     8 AM to 5 PM

Division I: Prehospital Environment                                        2 HOURS


 Division II: Preparatory                                                             6 HOURS

              Section 1 General Patient Assessment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Section 2 Airway Management   

                Section 3 Shock              

                Section 4 General Pharmacology

 Day II October 3 WEDNESDAY 8 AM to 5 PM                  

           Division III: Trauma 10                                                               8 HOURS         

                                    Section 1 Trauma Assessment

   Section 2 Injuries to the Central Nervous System

   Section 3 Thoraco -abdominal Trauma

   Section 4 Burns

Division IV: Medical Emergencies

                    Section 8 Environmental Emergencies   

 Day III   October 4 THURSDAY  8 AM to 5 PM

Division IV: Medical Emergencies                                         8 HOURS

Section 1 Assessment of the Medical Patient

Section 2 Respiratory System

Section 3 Cardiovascular System

Section 4 Nervous System

Section 5 Endocrine System

Section 6 Communicable Diseases

Section 7 Toxicology, Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse

 Day IV October 9 TUESDAY   8 AM to 5 PM

Division IV: Medical Emergencies           

                             Section 9 Special Considerations for Geriatric                        2 HOURS

Section 9 Pediatric Patients utilization of Massachusetts             6 HOURS

EMS-C Research group 1998 outline

Special Patients Challenged Patient, Home Health Care Patient

High tech dep patients, Hospice at Home terminal

 Day V   October 10  WEDNESDAY 8 AM to 5 PM l

Division V: OB/GYN/Neonatal                                                        4 HOURS

Section 1 Gynecologic Problem

Section 2 Obstetrics and Obstetrical Complications

Section 3 Care of the Neonate

Division VI: Behavioral Emergencies                                        4 HOURS

Section 1 Overview of Behavioral Emergencies

Section 2 Psychotic Disorders

Section 3 The Violent Patient

Section 4 Responses to the Crisis Situation

 Day VI October 11THURSDAY 8 AM to 5 PM

             Advanced Life Support for Experienced providers AHA            

                        Multiple case presentations                                          4 HOURS

                        Written examination 100 questions                             1.5 HOURS

            Practical skill stations                                                 2.5 HOURS

                        National Registry skills station to be tested as follows:

1. Patient Assessment/Management: Trauma Patient

2. Ventilatory Management:

3. Cardiac Arrest Management Skills:

a. Dynamic Cardiology

b. Static Cardiology & 12 Lead

4. Intravenous (IV) & Medications Skills

a. IV Therapy

b. IV Bolus Mediation

5. Pediatric Resuscitation