What is an AED?
An AED is a medical device designed to "shock" the heart of a victim in cardiac arrest (no pulse or breathing) back into a survivable electrical/mechanical rhythm. This is a time sensitive treatment. For every minute a victim is in cardiac arrest, they lose 10% chance of survival, and shocking the heart with an AED is the best treatment for this life-threatening condition.

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
Each year, 350,000 people die in the United States alone of sudden cardiac arrest. The problem is an electrical disturbance in the heart that causes it to "quiver" instead of beating normally. It's called ventricular fibrillation (V-Fib). These are people who "just dropped dead." The treatment - RAPID Defibrillation ("shock") LESS than five minutes from "DROP" (victim in cardiac arrest) to "SHOCK" (AED on and able to defibrillate). Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an indiscriminate killer. It kills no matter the age, race or sex of its victim- including children!


What is a Public Access AED Program?
A Public Access AED Program (PAD) allows the AED and other lifesaving equipment to be accessible to ANYONE who is trained in its use, or any Good Samaritan who chooses to use the equipment to save a life. This cuts down the time from "DROP" to "SHOCK" and gives the victim a greater chance of survival. Public Access programs are STRONGLY recommended anywhere the general public gathers, and in the workplace. These programs are recommended by the American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute, National Center for Early Defibrillation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and many other national organizations.


EMS Training LTD Goal
The goal of EMS Training LTD as a member of the AED Instructor Foundation Tour is to improve the survivability of sudden cardiac arrest victims by placing defibrillators in:

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