Heartsaver Instructor (limited content)

The Heartsaver Instructor course (8 hours) is designed for the layperson in a business, community, or school setting who wishes to teach CPR skills for the lay rescuer. Prerequisites for taking this program include (1) a current Provider card for Heartsaver CPR with AED, a Heartsaver AED with Pediatric Heartsaver CPR, a BLS-Healthcare Provider card, or the equivalent American Red Cross provider cards, (2) a score of 90% or greater on the final exam from any of the above listed AHA courses, and (3) written acceptance as an affiliated instructor by a recognized AHA Training Center. The program provides sufficient background information to enable the lay instructor to comprehend the subject matter of the Heartsaver-level skills, information about teaching AHA courses, an orientation to the educational aids available for these programs, and the opportunity to develop effective skill demonstration and presentation abilities. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, the Heartsaver instructor will be qualified to teach all CPR for Family and Friends programs and all Heartsaver CPR classes except the First Aid course.

Intended Audience: Lay individuals in business, community, and school settings who wish to become BLS Instructors. This program is not intended to qualify an instructor to teach the Healthcare Provider level, nor is it intended to provide eligibility for becoming a BLS Instructor Trainer or a Regional Faculty member.

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