This course is designed to develop ECG recognition
skills and drug treatment knowledge. This full day
class starts with basic rhythm recognition skills and
moves on to more advanced concepts.  It is an ideal
solution for healthcare providers who are preparing to
take ACLS or PALS, but can also be used by anyone
needing to learn ECG recognition skills and/or
pharmacology, including students preparing for the
MICN exam.
It is a thorough analysis of various rhythms originating
and affecting all areas of the heart, not just those
encountered in ACLS or PALS.  In addition to
systematically interpreting advanced rhythms, you will
understand what is happening anatomically and
physiologically within the heart and its associated
This comprehensive course covers basic electrophysiology,
normal ECG measurements, basic and advanced arrhythmias,
and basic ACLS drug usage and routes of administration
during cardiovascular emergencies. This course is designed
for a variety of healthcare providers, including physicians,
nurses, paramedics, residents, respiratory therapists, nurse
practitioners, physician assistants, and clinical pharmacists  
In addition to the topics mentioned above, we spend time in
the afternoon reviewing actual patient rhythms and identifying
them.  This course does not include 12-Lead interpretation.  
Due to the complexity of 12-Lead interpretation, that is
generally offered as a seperate full day class.  
An American Heart
Association course completion
certificate in ECG &
Pharmacology will be awarded
at the end of the class. Your
student workbook is included
as part of the class fee.
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