Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias
Approved for up to 24 contact hours, Remedial and or review sessions
of shorter duration  can be developed per your individual needs or
. The complete Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias program is usually a
3-day workshop designed to introduce the student to the intricacies of
cardiac rhythm recognition.

For Customized review or shorter versions of program available.
Students should be familiar with ECG monitoring equipment and have
some fundamental knowledge of ECG measurements.

The workshop content includes a brief review of cardiopulmonary A&P
and electrophysiology, how to accurately perform the basic
measurements on actual rhythm strips, then introduces the learners to
the rhythms originating from the Sinus Node, then explores abnormal
rhythms from the Atria, Junctional and Ventricular tissues, and AV
Blocks. An introduction to Pacemaker rhythms is included in the course
content. Successful completion of the workshop is achieved through
participation in all workshop activities and through successful completion
of the post course exam.

Class sessions can scheduled at your convenience in  3- 8 hour
sessions. Multiple classes need not be consecutive, scheduling can be
extended and in fact is suggested to allow integration of materials and
prevent overload

The recommnded text is                                                                   
Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation.                      
Jones & Bartlett Pub ISBN-13: 9780763722463
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