Advanced 12 Lead ECG
Beyond the Basics
The 12-Lead ECG course is an ADVANCED
course designed for physicians, RNs,
paramedics, and others looking to expand their
knowledge and expertise in the understanding of
12-Lead EKG interpretation. Prerequisites include
a basic arrhythmia course and/or clinical
knowledge and experience in reading ECGs.
Despite the challenging content, the class is
taught in a relaxed and fun manner.  This full day
12-Lead ECG course will focus on a systematic
approach to 12-lead ECG interpretation. Course
content includes cardiac anatomy and physiology
related to 12-Lead EKG interpretation, proper
lead placement, axis determination, chamber
hypertrophy, bundle branch blocks, and
differential diagnosis of supraventricular and wide
tachycardia's. Emphasis will be placed on
recognizing pathological changes associated with
acute coronary syndromes, common ST segment
abnormalities, pacemaker function and ECG
changes associated with selected clinical

The course will look at ECG mimics of STEMI.
Clinical management strategies including current
pharmacologic approaches, optimal monitoring
techniques and electrical therapy will also be
covered. Students will use the concepts learned
to evaluate case studies and evaluate actual
patient 12-Lead

The recommend text is Garcia,
"12 Lead ECG
The Art of Interpretation" published by Jones &
Bartlett ISBN ISBN: 0-7637-1284-1

Upon completion of the course, students will
receive a 12-Lead ECG course completion
certificate and 8 units of continuing education.

The optional textbook, STEMI
Provider Manual, not only provides
excellent pre-study material, but
serves as its own, optional online
session for 4.5 additional CE hours
through the American Heart
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